What Is The Most Common Reason A Property Fails To Sell?

What Is The Most Common Reason A Property Fails To Sell?

When a property fails to sell, it can be frustrating and concerning for sellers. As you try to understand why your house isn’t selling, it helps to know the most common reason properties fail to sell along with other contributing factors. This article summarizes the top causes so you can evaluate your situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most common reason a property fails to sell is overpricing – sellers often overestimate the market value. 
  • Other top reasons include poor photography/listings, refusing reasonable offers, outdated decor, major flaws unaddressed, and bad agent advice.
  • To sell your house, carefully consider your asking price, invest in good photography/listings, update decor if needed, and fix any major issues.

The most common reason a property fails to sell is simply that it’s overpriced. Sellers often overestimate the true market value of their home based on an emotional connection to the property. When a house is priced higher than comparable homes that have recently sold in your area, it’s considered overpriced. This gives buyers the impression that the property isn’t a good value.

While pricing is the #1 reason a property fails to sell, there are also other contributing factors:

Poor Photography & Listings

In an age when buyers first view homes online, poor photography and lackluster property descriptions deter interest. Investing in professional photography and writing robust, enticing listings sets your home apart.

Refusing Reasonable Offers  

It can be upsetting to receive an offer below your asking price. But refusing reasonable offers out of emotion often leaves homes sitting. Consider all factors when weighing offers.   

Outdated Decor & Finishes 

Today’s buyers want move-in ready homes with stylish finishes. Outdated decor like old carpeting, cabinetry and fixtures can turn buyers off and lead them to pass on making an offer.

Major Flaws Left Unaddressed

Faulty electrical systems, leaky roofs, cracked foundations, fire damage and pest infestations are examples of major home issues left unaddressed that can deter buyers. Taking care of large repairs and damage before listing removes this roadblock.

Bad Agent Advice  

From overpricing to refusing offers, sometimes seller’s agents give bad advice that hinders a home from selling. Seek a second opinion if you suspect you’ve received questionable counsel.  

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The bottom line is that if your property has failed to sell after an adequate amount of time on the market, take time reevaluate your pricing, photography/listings, decor, repairs needed and agent guidance. Being realistic about your home’s strengths and weaknesses in the local market is key to attracting qualified buyers. Proactively addressing problem areas will help you understand the reason your house isn’t selling and allow you to make adjustments so you can successfully close the deal.

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