Buy Now, Sell Later

Unlock your equity, pay down your mortgage, and sell your old house for the best possible price.

Buy Before You Sell

Move into your new home and get full market value for your old home.

A guaranteed offer

The Seely Group makes an offer to buy your old home.

Shop contingency-free

You can now make a stronger offer on your new home.

Move on your timeline

Move into your new home + avoid the stress of moving twice.

Sell on your own terms

Take the time (up to 180 days) to find the right buyer.

Buy your new home before selling your old one.

No more buyers walking away because there may be a problem that had not been previously mentioned.

Skip the hassle of showing your home while you, your family or pets are still living in it.

Ready To Buy Your dream home fast?

We’ve helped over 500+ people buy their dream home and start building a legacy. Click the button below and our team will contact you about getting you in your new house faster without the worry of selling your old home.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty
Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty

How the Buy Now, Sell Later Program Works

Apply in minutes with no commitment

Click the button below and fill out the short form at the top of this page and find out if your property is a good fit for the program and get your equity unlock amount approved in 24 hours or less. No cost or commitment required.

Get a purchase price

UpEquity buys your old home for full market value in two installments. Typically, the first installment is enough to pay off the current mortgage and put the remaining towards a new down payment.

Buy your dream home

Once you’re approved, you’ll have access to a portion of your equity in your current home. You’ll be able to submit a competitive offer with no home sale contingency at any time — regardless of how long it takes to find your dream home.

Apply in minutes with no commitment

Move at your own pace into your new home. With the move complete, you will always be ready for a showing and can even stage your old home to maximize the sale.

Keep the upside from the resale

You maintain control over the resale and can take the time to find the right buyer. Once the old home sells, you keep the upside. The Buy Now, Sell Later program convenience fee is 2.5%.

The Seely Group Difference

Unlock Equity

Unlock up to $2 million dollars in equity from your current home to cover your down payment, moving, closing costs, repairs and more. It’s your choice!

Make a Competitive Offer

We’ll remove your home sale contingency so you can make a competitive offer and save money — as sellers often value certainty over nabbing top dollar.

Sell For Up To 10% More

After you move, list your current home unoccupied and potentially staged, which can lead to a higher selling price.

Equity Unlock Calculator

Click the button below and fill out the form and our team will contact you to estimate how much equity we can unlock from your current home.


What is the difference between YHSG and Buy Now, Sell Later?

With Buy Now, Sell Later, The Seely Group provides a guaranteed offer on your old home, effectively removing the home sale contingency and allowing you to make a stronger offer on your new home. Homeowners can use the YHSG product by itself or combine it with the Buy Now, Sell Later.

Our Buy Now, Sell Later product is the modern version of a bridge loan and allows you to unlock the equity in your old home to use towards the purchase of your new home.

What states are YHSG and Buy Now, Sell Later available in?

YHSG is available in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IL, KS, LA, NC, NM, OH, OR, SC, TN, TX, WA.

YHSG and Buy Now, Sell Later is available in the following states: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, TX, WA.

What type of properties qualify?

Your old home must fit the following criteria:

  • located within 30 miles of an Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
  • is either a Single Family Home with 1 to 4 units, Planned Urban Development (PUDs), or Condominium. All condominiums and PUDs must meet the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac standards of warrantability.
  • is considered in a C4 condition rating or above in addition to each of the following requirements: has been adequately maintained and requires only minimal repairs to building components/mechanical systems and cosmetic repairs; and major building components have been adequately maintained and are functionally adequate.

Is an inspection required?

Yes, we do require an inspection. Your Seely Group team will provide you with all of the information on how to schedule this inspection.

Will my agent get their full commission?

Yes, agents will receive their full commission at the final sale of the old home. While the Standard Commission can vary based on where you live, the Standard Commission typically is 6% but is negotiated between you and your agent.

Are you an iBuyer?

No. iBuyers typically make a lowball offer to buy your old home and profit on selling the home for much more. We make an offer to buy your old home in 6 months if you are unable to find another buyer. Even if we do purchase your old home, you remain in control of marketing the property as well as negotiating and accepting offers, so you are able to maximize the sale.

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