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Seely Concierge Program

With The Seely Group you get a full concierge program with white glove service when you sell with us!
Update your home to appeal to a broader selection of buyers, and defer payment until the house is sold! Enter your address above and a Seely Group agent will reach out shortly to get you started on your home selling journey.
The Seely Group

Sell Your Home For More With Our Concierge Service

The Seely Concierge program will address any necessary cosmetic updates or repairs so that we can list your home at top dollar.

The Seely Group
White Glove
The Seely Group
Sell your home for a higher amount
The Seely Group
Relax while we handle everything

How It Works

  • Request a consultation.
  • We will perform an in-person evaluation of your home within 72 hours.
  • Our team will compile strategic plans to maximize your home’s appeal.
On the Market
  • Once the scope of work is determined, team will make recommendations that will appeal to buyers.
  • Our team will turn plans into reality and make your house into a buyer’s dream home.
  • Payment for the updates is deferred until closing.

Before and after the
seely concierge program

The Seely Group
The Seely Group
The Seely Group
The Seely Group
The Seely Group
The Seely Group

Sell With Seely For More With Our Concierge Service

Find out how to sell your home for more, faster with our concierge service by contacting The Seely Group today!

The Seely Group


Yes. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. We believe you should make it with the help of a real estate professional. And unlike some alternative real estate companies, we don’t assign an agent to you. We encourage you to work with an agent you already know and trust.
Yes. Working with us does not affect your agent’s commission.
We created our Buy before you sell service for this exact situation. When you use this service, you can go ahead and move into your new home as soon as we buy it for you. Then you can get your old home ready to sell, list and sell it, and then use the proceeds to buy back your new home from us.
No, Homeward Inc. is not a financial institution. We are a business entity that purchases homes to secure them for you, our customers, who will eventually buy them back.
Yes, there are several:
  1. The Seely Group offers a Best Price Guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.
  2. The Seely Group and its’ affiliated companies can offer you a more streamlined experience.
If you use The Seely Group as your lender, you’ll receive a credit at closing.
Congratulations! Your agent will submit an offer request so we can review the property and approve your Seely Group Offer. We’ll need the property address and offer price. We’ll contact your agent as soon as we approve the offer, typically this takes about four hours.
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