Trade-Up Program

Sell your current home and upgrade to match your life circumstances when you sell through The Seely Group using our Trade Up Program.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle With Seely

Selling a home can be stressful. That’s why we’re here to make it as easy a transition as possible.

You Deserve an Upgrade

The average person in America owns several homes over their lifetime. If you settled for your current lifestyle for a while it might be time to upgrade.

More Comfortable Home

Living in a larger home with more space can be quite exciting, especially if you’ve outgrown your current home by having children or getting married.

Preferred Client Trade Up Program

With The Seely Group, we’ll handle buying your new home and selling your old one so you can get into your new home faster.

Ready To Create Your Legacy through real estate?

We’ve helped hundreds of families every year sell their home and start a new chapter. Click the button below and our team will contact you about selling your Trade Up Program home!

Are You Ready for a Change?

On average, Americans move 11 times during their lifetime. If you feel like you’ve outgrown your home it might be time to make a move into one that fits your family size.


Upsizing means moving into a larger, nicer home. This is typically needed when your current home is too small because your family has grown, or not as nice as you would like it to be and you are ready to live in luxury.


Downsizing means moving into a smaller home. This is typically needed when your current home is too large for your comfort because children moved out, you want to move Downtown, or you just want something cozier.

How It Works

Click the button below and fill out the form to contact us and let us know you are interested in our trade-up program as a seller.

A Seely Agent will contact you shortly and work with you to calculate how much equity you have in your home.

Next you’ll work with Seely’s vast and experienced network of lenders and find out what trading up could look like for you.

Buy Before You Sell Program

Buy your new home before selling your old one and skip the hassle of showing your home while you, your family, or pets are still living in it. Move one time and avoid paying for temporary housing.

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