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35% of homes are sold off-market. Being in the top .1%, our ability and experience to navigate off-market channels bring tremendous value to our clients. Working with an agent who does not have access to this network means you miss out on opportunities.
Our team has the expertise and connections necessary to secure the best possible deals for our clients while maintaining the strictest standards of confidentiality.
The Seely Group has a substantial track record navigating off-market transactions with the utmost privacy and highest standards of discretion.
From negotiating complex deals to navigating the intricacies of zoning and regulatory compliance, The Seely Group has the knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional results.
Tax Protection
Off-market transaction sale price does not become a matter of public record, which can protect your home’s tax valuation from being assessed unfairly.

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Assumable Rate Mortgage

Find an assumable rate mortgage listing with The Seely Group and ensure you have the best rate around.

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