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Partner with us and our preferred lenders will provide you with the cash you need to make a cash offer on your next home!

Close with the strongest offer in any market

Be the best offer and close on your dream home faster by purchasing with all cash.

Get Approved

Get approved for The Seely Group cash offer program with a quick and easy approval process. Contact us to get started.

Win the Home You Want

Win over sellers with an all cash offer and close on your dream home. Move and settle into your home immediately after closing.

Close On Your Terms

Close on the property directly with traditional financing or let The Seely Group buy with cash on your behalf, and sell it back to you for the same price when you’re ready.

No sneaky fees

You can make a cash offer for no additional cost – the Program Fee starts at 1.9%, but your effective fee can be as little as 0% when you use The Seely Group.

Ready To Buy Your Home With an all cash offer?

We’ve helped over 1000+ people purchase their dream home in the Central Texas area. Click the button below and you’ll be connected to one of our world-class realtors who will walk you through our Cash Offer Program.

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Can I use my own agent?

Yes. Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. We believe you should make it with the help of a real estate professional. And unlike some alternative real estate companies, we don’t assign an agent to you. We encourage you to work with an agent you already know and trust.

Does my agent still make money off the transaction?

Yes. Working with us does not affect your agent’s commission.

What if I need to sell my old home before I can buy back my new home?

We created our Buy before you sell service for this exact situation. When you use this service, you can go ahead and move into your new home as soon as we buy it for you. Then you can get your old home ready to sell, list and sell it, and then use the proceeds to buy back your new home from us.

Is The Seely Group a mortgage lender?

No, Homeward Inc. is not a financial institution. We are a business entity that purchases homes to secure them for you, our customers, who will eventually buy them back.

Are there benefits to using The Seely Group instead of another mortgage company?

Yes, there are several:

  1. The Seely Group offers a Best Price Guarantee, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal.
  2. The Seely Group and its affiliated companies can offer you a more streamlined experience.

If you use The Seely Group as your lender, you’ll receive a credit at closing.

I found a property I want to make an offer on. Now what?

Congratulations! Your agent will submit an offer request so we can review the property and approve your Seely Group Offer. We’ll need the property address and offer price. We’ll contact your agent as soon as we approve the offer, typically this takes about four hours.

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