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Real Producers Magazine Cover Story

Real Producers Magazine Covery Story

Serving clients is the top priority and at the heart of every transaction for The Seely Group with Keller Williams. Born with the vision to go above and beyond for each client, Dallas and Amy Seely created The Seely Group to transcend the current stereotypes and create a new standard in the real estate industry in Austin. Their story is one that is fast and furious, but also one where alignment in the vision has been a defining theme.
Originally from Houston, Dallas jokes that he is the typical Texan with his cowboy boots and pick-up truck. In 2007, he graduated from Texas A&M with two business degrees. Dallas was goal-driven and vision focused from a young age; putting himself through school by working at a country club and graduating debt-free. During his junior year of college, he took an internship with Rodeo Austin and immediately fell in love with the capitol city. He decided at that moment this was where he wanted to plant his roots.
Dallas started off working in the Austin fitness industry as a top personal trainer and was introduced to the founder of Camp Gladiator, which had recently been relocated to Austin. From there, the rest was history. Dallas was hired on back in the beginning, when there were only a handful of clients and trainers. Over the course of the next decade, Dallas was instrumental in helping build Camp Gladiator into the largest outdoor fitness company in the world. Today, there are over 100,000 members, 1,000+ trainers, and in over 15 different markets across the country. He says that business chapter of his life was one of the biggest blessings he could have ever had as it not only polished his sales and business skills, but also introduced him to the love of his life!
Co-owner of The Seely Group, Amy Seely, was born and raised in Austin. As a native, her love for Austin and her experience in the area are unrivaled. Amy is also a CODA, which stands for child of deaf adults. Growing up with two deaf parents cultivated strong communication skills at an early age. After high school, Amy attended Texas State University in San Marcos and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations, with a minor in Business Administration. Financially independent since the age of 17, a strong work ethic was developed very early on. Amy worked her way through college and commuted back and forth from Austin to San Marcos and was able to also graduate debt-free. Her first goal after graduating was to buy her first home. Early on, Amy had goals and a passion for investing in real estate. She believed that real estate was one of the most important investments she would make in her life!
In 2013, a stunning blonde came to Camp Gladiator and signed up for a year long membership. Dallas noticed Amy immediately but kept the relationship strictly professional. About six weeks into her training program, Dallas threw one of his annual, community-building BBQs. Amy and Dallas finally made their connection staying up until 7am discussing life and getting to know each other. A week later, they moved in together, and two months after that, they were engaged. The connection was undeniable and they were all-in on the future the two had together.
The year Amy and Dallas met, Amy was still working in a 9-5 but felt stuck in her career. After some soul searching, she realized her number one driver of helping people and building relationships was not getting fulfilled, so she decided to get her real estate license to make a lasting impact. She began her career at Keller Williams and was a natural from the start. Her first year in the industry, she gained a reputation for her integrity, attention to detail, and customer service. She sold over five million her first year and there was no slowing her down from there. The next year she did almost seven million in transactions and helped over 50 families. With a strong connection to the deaf community, Amy utilizes her passion and knowledge of sign language to help many deaf clients buy sell and invest in real estate as well!
With Amy’s new-found success, the couple reevaluated Dallas’ career. Although he loved the career he had built, he was traveling multiple times a month, working around 80 hours a week, and just wasn’t home enough. The couple wanted to start a family and realized that this lifestyle would not work. With Dallas’ history of success in sales in executive leadership, they also realized the massive opportunity that was right in front of them. In April of 2017, Dallas obtained his real estate license and began partnering with Amy while also continuing his duties with Camp Gladiator. On January 1, 2018, Dallas officially retired from his fitness career and The Seely Group was officially born.
In their first official year as a group, they closed $43 million in volume and served over 150 families. From there, the group has won numerous awards including Top 1000 Real Estate Teams in America, 2019 and 2020 Platinum Top 50 Winners, Top 10 Real Estate Firms in 2018, Top 5 Producing Real Estate teams in Central Texas, Top Profiles in Power for Austin, and they were ranked #132 out of 120,000+ Agents in Texas by Real Trends. Dallas Seely also won Rookie of the Year for Central Texas in 2018 closing over sixteen million in his first twelve months, and Dillar Schwarz was ranked #17 in the Nation by NAGLREP and became the cultural ambassador for Keller Williams. Dallas is also on the leadership board for Keller Williams as well.
One of their secrets to success in achieving this tremendously fast success is a “Quality Over Quantity” mentality in how they grow. They are very selective and only partner with agents that align with the vision, fit into the company culture, and are All-Stars in the industry. This team of tight-knit all-stars currently consists of Dillar Schwartz, Penley McQueen, Courtney Clenney, and of course Amy and Dallas Seely. As they continue to build out the team here in Austin, they also have their sights set on growing into other major markets around the state. The Seely Group has truly set up a foundation of success that will continue to grow and thrive for decades to come.
Aside from building a successful real estate empire, the couple is happily busy with their son Wyatt (18 months) and daughter Scarlett (5 months), and they could not be more in love with parenthood. In fact, they are looking forward to having a third here soon! During their free time, Dallas and Amy still enjoy working out, listening to live music, drinking Napa wine, and spending time with family and friends. The Seely Group is making waves in the real estate industry. They do not believe in selling houses but instead selling homes. Their business model is client-focused and is based on relationship building and not just transactions. They strive to serve their clients to the best of their ability and genuinely want them to achieve their dreams. Dallas and Amy are proud of what they have built, and they hope The Seely Group will leave a positive and lasting impact for generations to come.
In an industry where the status quo is more quantity over quality focused, there are several fundamental flaws in this model. The primary thing we hear time after time is a lack of support and drive for success. We are creating lives worth living through our common goal of something bigger. Our philosophy encourages like-minded partners to surround themselves in a collaborative environment so we are all chasing the same north star.
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