Who We Are

Our Standards

Our Mission is ‘to positively impact the lives of family and friends through real estate.’ This not only applies to the families we serve, but our partners as well. We strive daily to raise the standard on how real estate is bought and sold by serving each and every client as if the transaction was our own. Building a collaborative, authentic, and relationship-based community is a journey of incredible purpose. As we grow, commitment to our mission and going beyond what is expected remains at the core of our identity.

Going above and beyond is what creates life long relationships and ultimately a family. The Seely Group has curated a rare and unique atmosphere of continuous improvement, with relationships at the heart of who we are. Serving others at the very highest level will always be at the core of who we are. We pride ourselves one delivering the standard of excellence to every single family we work with before, during, and especially after the transaction. We are honored with every single client we serve, and could not be more proud of the mark our partnerships are leaving behind.

Our Culture

At The Seely Group, our culture is one of creative innovation and shared successes. We understand that we directly affect the lives of thousands of people each year and we strive to foster direct, meaningful connections throughout our community. We foster a culture of FUN as we understand how stressful a decision of this magnitude can be. This is evident through continuous feedback of how enjoyable the process was and how every step of the way exceeded expectations.

Our philosophy on culture is grounded 100% in our mission. We are deeply entrenched in our community, our partners, and the vision set forth. The Family we have created and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of who we are.

Our Origins

Simply put, we started with a burning desire to do something more..to really make a difference. As with many starry-eyed endeavors, the origins of The Seely Group trace from a shared vision that was hatched with the convergence of purpose, passion, and persistence.

Years ago, Amy set her sights for a career of purpose and impact. With a Bold vision and a uncanny knack of genuinely wanting to serve others, she quickly found herself one of the top producing solo agents in central Texas. In an industry where 90% of agents fail and quit in the first two years, Amy’s passion for helping others shined through. After serving hundreds of clients in her first couple of years, Amy had found her calling. This success then allowed Dallas to step down from his executive role at one of the nations top fitness companies and go “All In” with The Seely Group. Coming full circle, Amy and Dallas were now in full alignment on the goals and vision of The Seely Group.

From there, the rest is history.we now are ranked one of the top producing teams in all of Central Texas and quickly becoming one of the fastest growing real estate firms in the country. Serving one million families may sound like a impossible task, but we are committed to our purposeful vision and driven by this journey of service.

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