Wedding Moves – The Exciting Journey From ‘I Do’ to ‘New View’

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Posted by Sam Branson on October 6, 2023

This blog is part 1 of a series featuring the top 5 reasons why people move.

Before getting hitched, couples often live separately, each accustomed to their own space and routines. Cozy single-bed apartments or bachelor pads might have been perfect for single life, but as the big day nears, couples tend to crave more space – something they can call home together. A new house is like a blank canvas, waiting for the couple to paint their life story, from bedroom color schemes to choosing refrigerator magnets.

As for the couples that choose to move after getting married, it’s often about starting fresh. There’s something exhilarating about discovering a whole new location together, much like an endless honeymoon. Couples get to explore the local bakery just around the corner, the park down the street, or the quirky neighbors next door. Every nook and cranny offers a chance for shared memories. Moving to a new place post-marriage is a tangible emblem of a couple’s shared journey ahead – a journey filled with exploration, surprises, and loads of love!

From ‘My Space’ to ‘Our Space’

Transitioning from a solitary living situation to a shared one is a significant shift, one that comes with challenges and rewards. Suddenly, there’s a need to compromise and make joint decisions, from the style of the couch to the brand of coffee. But this shift is also a beautiful testament to the union two people have chosen to enter. It’s about molding an environment that reflects the essence of the couple, a unique blend of individual quirks, shared interests, and mutual dreams.

With marriage and moving, couples say goodbye to the ‘my space’ concept, and instead embrace the more inclusive ‘our space’ notion. It can be an amusing adventure filled with a blend of hilarity, minor squabbles, and major moments of love. The joy of setting up a home together, a place that resonates with the harmony of ‘we’ is something everyone should experience.

Making the House a Home

When it comes to making a new house into a home, the process is as fun as it is rewarding. Settling in could be likened to a dance where two people learn to move in tandem. The first few weeks might be filled with boxes and bubble wrap, but every unpacked object is a step closer to transforming the house into a home. From hanging cherished art on the wall to arranging books on the shelves, each element adds a touch of familiarity and comfort.

Couples might also indulge in new rituals to mark their territory, like cooking their first meal together in the new kitchen or hosting a housewarming party for their close friends and family. These shared experiences fill the house with warmth and laughter, creating a vibrant, loving space that mirrors the couple’s bond. The process of settling in post-marriage is not just about moving furniture around, but more about creating a life filled with love, hopes, and dreams.

Creating Memories – The Building Blocks of a Shared Life Story

Memories act as a powerful glue that not only strengthens the bond between a couple but also weaves a captivating timeline of moments, both big and small, that beautifully define and shape the relationship. These cherished memories become the heartwarming stories you’ll lovingly recount years down the line, laughing together at the amusing mishaps and marveling at the monumental milestones you’ve conquered as a team. These memories hold immense significance, as they are the shared experiences that effortlessly transform a mere house into a warm and inviting home, brimming with love and happiness.


As we draw the curtains upon this delightful journey of moving and marriage, let’s take a moment to bask in the beauty this new beginning holds. Akin to the first rays of dawn illuminating a blank canvas, the joy of moving into a new home paints an enchanting portrait of shared dreams, space, and love. Each sunrise ushers in fresh experiences and every sunset sews together the tapestry of memories, as the couple embarks on their new life together.

This new home, with its untouched corners and unexplored spaces, whispers tales of future laughter, tears, celebrations, and beauty. It’s more than just brick and mortar; it’s a promise of endless possibilities and exciting adventures. And as the couple steps over the threshold, they’re not just entering a house, but a haven of their crafted love story, ready to unfold in all its glory. As they turn the key and push open the door, they’re not just starting a new chapter, but penning a beautiful poem of togetherness, love, and lifelong companionship.

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