Top 5 Neighborhoods in Austin for Families

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Posted by Sam Branson on July 21, 2023

If you’re a family searching for the ideal neighborhood to settle in Austin, you’ll find numerous options to choose from. Austin boasts a flourishing economy and a vibrant culture, providing families with a bustling metropolis full of possibilities and excitement.

We want to get you better acquainted with the top 5 family-friendly neighborhoods in Austin. These neighborhoods vary in what they offer, from downtown vibes to artistic enclaves. Whatever your preference, it’s our goal to help you discover the one that suits your needs the most.

1. Downtown

As you can imagine, it’s full of life and activity. It offers some of the best attractions in the city including the State Capitol, Lady Bird Lake, the 6th Street Entertainment District, and the University of Texas at Austin, just to name a few.

Nightlife and various dining choices make downtown Austin a favorite among locals. One amazing restaurant you will want to visit is Arlo Gray at The Line Hotel, and you won’t want to miss the kid-friendly Austin Children’s Museum. Or, visit the many parks for outdoor activities and playtime.

Downtown is an excellent neighborhood for families due to its variety of amenities and delicious dining options. It also has exceptional public and private schools within a short distance from the area.

2. South Congress

The neighborhood of South Congress is famous for its boutique stores that sell stylish items like jewelry, clothing, and home decor.

South Congress area has a significant history. It was paved with concrete for the first time in 1910, coinciding with the construction of a streetcar line. Additionally, it was declared a historic district in 1985.

Today, families can have a good time by checking out the food trucks, observing hundreds of bats emerge at dusk from the South Congress Avenue Bat Bridge, and discovering the numerous live music venues in the vicinity.

Locals love the area for its famous murals, rooftop pools, and unique restaurants. Be sure to check out Hotel San Jose and its pool as well as Jo’s Coffee on South Congress if you’re visiting the area on a reconnaissance mission. 

South Congress is a great neighborhood for families because of its rich culture, wonderful attractions, and excellent schools.

3. Hyde Park

Austin has a charming and lively neighborhood located in its heart called Hyde Park.

The neighborhood offers various amenities catering to different preferences, such as cozy coffee shops and high-end dining establishments.

Hyde Park is popular among locals because it has walkable streets and many green spaces. There are several picnic areas where you can relax or play with friends and family.

The neighborhood also has a wide variety of shops and boutiques, many offering unique local treasures.

If you plan to settle in the area, you can find great schools nearby. On the east side of Hyde Park, you can find the University of Texas at Austin campus. Additionally, for students from preschool to 12th grade, the Hyde Park Baptist/Quarries Church Academy provides high-quality education.

Hyde Park is an excellent destination for those who want to enjoy a lively and laid-back atmosphere while having access to various amenities and exceptional educational opportunities.

4. East Austin

East Austin is full of energy and life, featuring a diverse selection of restaurants, stores, and cultural sites.

Residents love East Austin for its beautiful parks, ample recreational activities, and an interesting mix of traditional and modern art galleries.

The streets are filled with independent stores where you can discover one-of-a-kind items and handmade goods.

There are great educational options available in East Austin, such as IDEA Bluff Springs Public School and Martin Middle School. These schools are part of the Austin Independent School District, which has a good reputation.

If you’re looking for a place to experience delicious food and vibrant culture, with a hint of Southern hospitality, then East Austin would be a great choice for you!

5. Zilker

The Zilker neighborhood is stunning and offers numerous amenities for people to enjoy.

The area is popular for its abundant greenery and convenient proximity to downtown. The community appreciates the area for its attractive houses, streets shaded by trees, and several nearby parks.

Zilker has many great restaurants that offer fantastic food. For example, Home Slice Pizza is popular and serves up amazing pies. Another popular destination is Lenoir, known for a farm-to-table experience so you know you are supporting local growers and farmers. 

There are also plenty of attractions in the neighborhood, including the Zilker Botanical Garden, a disc golf course, and Barton Springs Pool.

If you’re a family looking to explore everything that Austin has to offer, Zilker is a great neighborhood to consider!

The five neighborhoods we discussed are great options for families seeking comfort, a welcoming atmosphere, and lots of activities and amenities. Whether you’re after delicious food or rich culture, there’s a perfect Austin neighborhood for you and your family.

If you’re looking for the perfect family-friendly neighborhood in Austin, contact The Seely Group today. Our experienced agents can help you find your dream home!


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