Seely Recommends

"Partnership is not a posture but a process-a continuous process that grows stronger each year as we devote ourselves to common tasks."

 John F. Kennedy


The annual BBQ & Wine Fest is a celebration of the best BBQ, Wine, and Music Texas has to offer.  All clients of The Seely Group receive LIFETIME VIP passes to this incredible festival.


The Austin Title Team saw the vision of what The Seely Group would become before most.   Effortless closings, above and beyond service, and a “relationships win the day” mentality are just a few reasons we partner with Austin Title


Eppright Homes is the builder of Choice for The Seely Group.  If they meet the bar for Amy and Dallas on their personal home, you can bet they will be a great fit for our clients.

Monica Jenkins and the OnQ Team are our “go to” partner on financing.  As a direct reflection of our company, their standards and attention to detail is the best in the industry.


Goosehead insurance started with a blank sheet of paper and designed a business model focused on providing the best service, the best value and the best experience for its clients.  This could not align more with the values of The Seely Group.


Hay Legal Group offers a plethora of services for our clients.  From closing on a new home to legal needs, the Hay Legal Team is one of our go to partners.


Restaurant recommendations

-          Plate By Dzintra

-          Clarks

-          Red Ash

-          Fixe

-          Uchi

-          Apis

-          Jack Allens

Wine Recommendations

-          Merus

-          Lokoya

-          Moone Tsai

-          Dana Estates

-          Scarecrow

-          Rudd

-          Spicewood Vineyards

  • Bevan Cellars

  • Hundred Acres

Austin Area Date Suggestions

-          Mount Bonnell at Midnight

-          Luckenbach on a Sunday Afternoon

-          Lunch at Opies with Spicewood Vineyards to follow

-          Happy Hour at Clarks

-          Early morning run at town lake followed by Juiceland

-          Boating on Lake Travis or Austin

-          Any Live music on a Monday night