Relocate to TX from New York

Relocating from New York to Austin, Texas

Thinking of saying goodbye to The Big Apple for a piece of Austin, Texas???

You won’t regret it!! Austin is a unique city with so much to offer its residents. It has been attracting people from all over the US for years. As of 2020, with a population growth rate nearing 3% annually it is expected to have an economic growth rate of 6%. This makes it a desirable place to move among many people’s relocation plans.

Austin is a big draw to New Yorkers.

New York offers city life like no other place in America. The vast number of high rises, apartments and suburbs create a landscape and topography that is unique to the city. It’s a destination hot-spot boasting a myriad of restaurants, historic sights, and can’t-miss spots like Broadway and Times Square. However many people are deciding to leave their life in the concrete jungle and move outside of the state in part due to the tremendously high cost of living, a crumbling infrastructure, and high tax rates. Austin, TX has become a popular landing spot for those leaving the New York and Tri-State area, and with the stark contrast in lifestyle between these two places, we can see why.

Let’s take a look at why cowboy boots, great BBQ, and good old Texas hospitality are drawing people in. Austin was recently ranked by Forbes as the #1 place to live for the third year in a row based on affordability, quality of life and job prospects.

  1. Significantly lower cost of living than in New York City. With the average cost to purchase an apartment in and around City Centre is apx 280% higher than to purchase a similar space in the heart of downtown Austin, and rental prices being apx 88-106% higher in New York, you can see why the idea of living and owning in Austin is more realistic. While prices are on the rise, Austin has had an average appreciation rate of 25% over a 3 year period.
  2. One of the fastest growing economies. The Texas economy is the second largest in the country. Oil and mining, government and tech are all big players in the Austin area. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Dell and Oracle call Austin home. This is a stark difference to the hundreds of corporations that have left the NY and Tri-State area to plant roots in areas where it is more affordable and business friendly.
  3. Low Unemployment – Texas offers one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, boasting a diverse community of industry professionals from technology to government. Austin is one of the top 10 cities for startups, and is ranked in the top 10 for venture capital investments.
  4. With an average 6.5% state tax rate in New York, it’s easy to see why your money goes further in Texas. Texans pay no state income tax, saving thousands of dollars annually, vs. states that have a required income tax.
  5. Yes, New York supplies what seems to be an endless amount of things to see, eat and do, but Austin also offers a huge variety of entertainment and lifestyle opportunities. Austin is referred to as the “Live Music Capital of the World”. Home of the famous Austin City LImits (ACL) Music Festival and SXSW (South by Southwest), Austin’s robust music scene draws a diverse musical crowd throughout the year and is a huge draw to the city. There is always good music to be found whether it’s live music at a local bar, or catching a recording of ACL Live.

    New York has no shortage of restaurants, but Austin is becoming quite well known for its food scene. From world famous BBQ, upscale Austin eateries, to food trucks galore, there is truly something for everyone. So much so, that you will have a hard time trying it all, but will find it easy to find your favorites.

    Austin is also loved for its outdoors lifestyle, which is a nice change for New York area residents since cold, wet winters are cause to take shelter inside for several months a year. On any given day you will find Austinites running, cycling or walking on our endless miles of hike and bike trails. Lady Bird Lake offers the perfect chance to kayak, canoe or try your hand at some stand-up paddle boarding. Swimming holes are abundant in the Central Texas region, and with their cool crisp water are the perfect respite on a hot summer day. With over 10 lakes in the Austin area there are multiple ways to stay cool during the summer, places to go for a weekend retreat, or boat docks for a relaxing day on the lake. Austin also has several state parks nearby which offer a variety of camping and hiking opportunities.

    Visitors and residents alike flock to the Texas Hill country which has a variety of towns to visit such as Fredericksburg and Johnson City. These Hill Country towns with old-town charm offer a variety of dining, shopping, museums and picturesque views. Along the way make a stop at some of the many local distilleries or wineries to sip on some spirits made right here in Central Texas

  6. Progressive Culture – Here it is said “Keep Austin Weird” and that saying has brought a diverse group of people from all walks of life to the city. That diversity has helped make Austin the 3rd best city for LGBTQ in the nation only falling behind San Francisco and New York!
  7. Texas has a high-quality school system which makes sense why it is one of the top places to raise a family – According to a 2020 study, the top 5 school districts in the Austin area are:
    • #1 – Eanes ISD
    • #2 – Leander ISD
    • #3 – Lake Travis ISD
    • #4 – Dripping Springs ISD
    • #5 – Round Rock ISD
  8. Southern Hospitality – Texas pride runs deep. Because of this, Austinites will take the time to welcome you and point you in the direction of the best of everything Austin has to offer; restaurants, shopping, activities, festivals, and where to find the best live music.

Now that you’re convinced Austin is where you need to be, let us help you as you begin your home search!!

Tips for relocating out of state:

Where do you want to live? City or country? Do you want to be somewhere where there is a lot of diversity? Do you want a lot of local business or do you prefer the convenience of big box retailers? Do you want to be close to public transportation or highways? The neighborhood you choose to call home will have a big impact on your quality of life. This is where your realtor can be a huge asset to you during your planning phase.

Research the cost of living: homes, taxes, utilities, gas, groceries, shopping and entertainment. How does it compare to where you currently live? Your realtor lives here and can help you with comparisons. They can offer advice and tips to help further maximize savings when moving to the area.

Moving out here for work? Does your employer offer relocation assistance? These can include assisting in some of the cost for moving costs, storage, lease termination fees, temporary housing, etc. Let your realtor help you find moving companies, temporary housing, local storage facilities if needed. Your realtor is a wealth of information about all things in the area you are moving to. Let them be your biggest resource.

The HUSTLE asked whether you’re planning to move in the next 6 months: 33% said yes.

In July, 2020 Sam Parr asked how many of you intend to move to a new city within 6 months. The results are in: ~5,000 readers answered and 33.3% of the respondents said yes, they intend to move within 6 months.

  • Top cities people are moving from: NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago.
  • Top cities people are moving to: Austin, Chicago, and LA. Some of the most popular moves: San Francisco to Austin, NYC to Austin, LA to Austin.
  • Texans: Get ready for an influx of Californians and New Yorkers.
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