Meet The Seely Group Team

Our Team of tight nit All-Stars believe in a work hard/play hard philosophy.  We battle in the trenches together, and celebrate our victories as a unified team as well!  

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Known as “the unicorn”, Amy’s natural ability and passion to serve others is infectious and unparalleled.  As a native Austinite, she loves and knows this city like the back of her hand and has the insider scoop on all the hot restaurants.  Reach out to Amy to chat over a trendy lunch or one of her favorite sushi restaurants.


Dillar Schwartz | REALTOR® | PARTNER

Dillar’s zest for life shines through on a daily basis. Whether working with her on a real estate deal, or jet setting across the globe seeking adventure – the thrill is not necessarily the ride, it’s the fact shes on it with you.  Reach out to Dillar to discuss building wealth through real estate over a glass of whiskey or wine..your choice!


Bo Dragicevic

Bo is not only from another end of the world, but has traveled many miles all along the way.  In fact, he loves to travel so much and loves people even more he has been known to Uber on the side to fulfill both passions!  Reach out to Bo today to discuss real estate, other countries and cultures, or just to catch a ride and great conversation.

Dallas Final.png

Dallas Seely | REALTOR® | FOUNDER & CEO

As our self proclaimed team wine expert, Dallas has a passion for fermented grape juice.  “Its like drinking art that awakens all of your can literally taste the difference when an artist has given everything they had to create the final  masterpiece”.   Just like Real Estate, Dallas also loves how wine appreciates and gets better with time. Reach out to Dallas to talk shop over a glass of vino. 

Andrew v2.png

Andrew Bryant | REALTOR®

As our resident cowboy, you can always catch Andrew out multiple times a week at one of the local dancehalls.  Just like on the dancefloor, Andrew loves to take the lead in making the real estate experience the best it possibly can.  Reach out  to Andrew to set up a meeting at The Broken Spoke, Gruene Hall, or one of the local honkytonks!


Daran Herrman

Daran is so cool, Matthew McConaughey took style lessons from him early on to polish his signature look.  Daran’s years of experience and unique ability to see the big picture and details of the movement make him a great fit for The Seely Group.  Whether looking for the latest style trends, traveling to remote beaches, or looking for guidance with anything marketing, Daran is your man.


Hank Star

Rock climber, Yoga instructor, Chia Seed lover..yet he can still take a wild boar with his bare hands.  Yes, Hank is truly the renaissance man of the group. Hank’s passion for life and real estate flow out of him with every person he helps.  As a native Austinite, his expertise in this city and its micro areas is unmatched. Reach out today to set up a chat as you also go bouldering!


Penley McQueen

Living in Germany for multiple years, Penley has a unique expertise for kolaches, lederhosen, and of course world class beer.  As a real estate professional, Penley believes in the win-win approach to business, that every family and home is unique, and that you can only cross the finish line by putting your best foot forward on every step.  Reach out today to chat investing, selling, or purchasing over a pint!