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"The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts" -Aristotle

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We Develop All-Stars
Our tight knit team of All-Stars is built directly upon our mission: ‘to ensure others create a Legacy through real estate.’ This not only applies to the families we serve, but the professionals we partner with. We truly believe in impacting the lives of our partners through real estate, and will move heaven and earth to help them achieve their goals.
We Collaborate
We believe that collaboration is key. Through the sharing of ideas, we leverage our team’s creativity, talent, and experience to maximize results for everyone. Every team member’s opinion counts and we prioritize sharing our results, fully and transparently. We champion creative productivity and a positive, open, people-centric environment.
We Celebrate Success
In an industry where the status quo is quantity over quality, we are here to combat the common experience that lacks support and drive for success. We are creating lives worth living through our common goal: mutual success. Our philosophy encourages like-minded partners to participate in a collaborative environment as we all chase the same north star.

Living a Standard of Excellence

Our Mission is ‘to ensure others create a Legacy through real estate.’ We strive daily to raise the standard on how real estate is bought and sold by serving each and every client as if the transaction was our own. Building a collaborative, authentic, and relationship-based community is a journey of incredible purpose.
Our philosophy on culture and continuous improvement is grounded 100% in our mission. We are deeply entrenched in our community, our partners, and the vision set forth. A true family environment rooted in service is the cornerstone of who we are.
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Become an All Star

No other organization in the industry has created more All Stars than The Seely Group. Our business partners continuously close $5M+, $10M+, 25M+ and even $50M+ every single year.
In an industry where commission compression and discount agents are becoming more and more an ‘industry norm’, our business partners make the highest commission percentage on average than any other agents in the marketplace due to the level of service we provide.
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San Antonio

Leaving a Legacy

Continuous improvement, insatiable work ethic, and world class leadership are the pillars of who we are. We are in the trenches on a daily basis, working side by side with our partners to ensure the vision is achieved. We believe work ethic will ALWAYS trump talent. A relentless spirit, properly ambitious heart, and living a ‘life by design’ are paramount to long term success. As we continue to build upon the foundation of our flagship market here in Central Texas, we are also rapidly expanding to the other major markets. The vision ‘to be the number one real estate company in the world’ cannot be accomplished in one city alone. Serving over one million families over the next one hundred years is our grand aspiration – the Legacy we aspire to leave behind.

Jonathon Pylant

Director of Growth

Before Real Estate, I helped build one of the largest outdoor fitness companies in the world, from the ground up. That experience taught me the value of truly caring and having conviction in everything you do. As the Director of Growth for The Seely Group, it is my responsibility to implement these values on a daily basis. Truly making an impact in somebody’s life is what fuels me, drives me. It is an honor to wake up every day and help someone on the level that we do..fighting relentlessly for each client as if they were family, because to us they are.
When you combine world class work ethic with a servant’s heart, dreams turn into reality. The opportunity to impact lives through Real Estate is my story of service, my truth. We are setting the stage for the story of our lives and I, Jonathan Pylant, would love to create these new chapters with you.

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